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Soldier ON / Sans Limites



In 2018, the B1 is starting a new relationship with the SOLDIER ON program. At every event, the B1 will be providing members of the Canadian Armed Forces who qualify through the SOLDIER ON program a unique bass fishing experience with B1 Pros! It’s just a start to a national campaign that we will be developing together with SOLDIER ON as we expand a grow moving forward! Our way of giving back and sharing our passion for fishing with those who have sacrificed the most.



The B1 has been a leader in fish care and management for over a decade. All B1 events feature an in-water weigh-in system that includes aerated, oxygenated and treated water throughout the process. To maintain appropriate oxygen levels, only the Oxygenator brand panels are utilized to diffuse true dissolved oxygen keeping fish healthy while they await the scale. G-Juice is supplemented in order to protect the fish slime coat, reduce stress and provide vital electrolytes and minerals to help ensure the fish thrive. A live-release boat returns the fish to their natural habitat once they are deemed healthy by our Conservation Director and after any treatments such as fizzing are applied to help alleviate the effects of barotrauma on fish that have been caught from deeper environments.

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